Canon Printer Offline Issue

Canon Printer Offline Dial +1-855-724-9646 for Canon Support

Printer is a mechanical device basic malfunction might happen in it. So no matter what brand or model you use going offline is a very common issue, which comes almost in all. Printer offline is a case, where printer won’t print shows error it is offline. Once user goes to control panel print won’t show dark highlighted. Therefore, there is no chance consumer can have a printout. In lay man language it is a position where printer and router and not talking to one another.

Canon printer went offline? No worry here is the solution with step by step instructions. First of all let us know why does it go offline:-

Why Printer goes offline:

  • If printer loses IP address from the wireless network.
  • If wifi password is changed, this is a situation where print won’t talk to network. Therefore, it goes offline.
  • Possible IP conflict in network.
  • Computer gets a bug or a virus.
  • Lack of printer firmware updates.
  • Drivers not up to date.


How to fix Canon Printer Offline

  • The very step is to check printer is turned on & blue light on it solid, because that small light is the sign of wireless connectivity.
  • Make sure all the drivers are up to the date of canon printer.
  • Update the firmware of the printer.
  • Shut down the printer and gently plug out the power chord.
  • Without plugging the chord back, press and hold the power button the printer and keep it hold for like 45 seconds. Therefore, printer services gets refresh.
  • If still shows offline call Canon Technical Support Phone Number +1-855-724-9646.

Most of the Canon Printer Offline get fixed, but if you still having some hard time. Do not worry out Canon certifies technicians are available round the clock Dial @ 1-855-724-9646. most of the printing related issues are fixable online.

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