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Accessibility is not only the right thing to do, but often also brings benefits to all users. That’s because accessibility features that help people with disabilities often help other people, too. For instance, video captions that help people with hearing difficulties also help a person who is watching the video on mute (e.g., in a social media feed). Legible, high-contrast text that helps people with vision difficulties also helps people with perfect eyesight who are using the app outdoors in bright sunlight. Many users—whatever their abilities—will face challenges due to demanding contexts. When you design for all ability levels, you can create products and services anyone can use and enjoy—or at least find helpful or calming.

Although accessibility is a critical factor that impacts design, many brands overlook it. Based on a 2011 World Health Organization report concerning disability, however, you’ll exclude about 15% of Earth’s population if you don’t make your design accessible. Furthermore, many jurisdictions—including the E.U.—have penalties for failure to create accessible designs. However, designing for accessibility makes sense on more than a legal level; it brings benefits, including these:

Improved SEO from semantic HTML
Opportunities to reach more users on more devices, in more settings/environments
Enhanced public image for your brand
Types of Accessibility Issues
You should consider the number and types of potential accessibility issues users will have. These are common barriers:

Visual (e.g., color blindness)
Motor/mobility (e.g., wheelchair-user concerns)
Auditory (hearing difficulties)
Seizures (especially photosensitive epilepsy)
Learning/cognitive (e.g., dyslexia)

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