Parking Lot & Sign Lighting

Become visible
Outdoor art objects or impressive architecture only create a magical presence with the onset of darkness. In gardens or on forecourts and paths, curators and exhibition designers set visual highlights by accentuating sculptures. Not infrequently, the architecture itself is also a reason for visiting. At night, facade lighting creates a prestigious atmosphere and emphasises the dimensions of the building, whilst light accents mystically highlight architectural features such as columns. This is how you are able to present and display museums as appealing cultural brands.


Roll out the red carpet
And with light: a holistic cultural experience for visitors should commence even before they enter the building. From the car park and sculpture garden to the foyer: suitably illuminated paths and routes can introduce visitors to an exhibition concept and put them in the desired mood. Use light in a targeted way to attractively welcome and guide your visitors. With the right lighting, for example bollard luminaires, you also increase your visitors’ sense of security.

Become a host for outdoor events
If no exhibitions are possible indoors or only a limited number of visitors are admitted, curators have the chance to move their creativity outside. And not only to organize your own events, such as a private view outdoors – an impressively illuminated sculpture garden can also be rented for corporate events and weddings. Discover ERCO outdoor luminaires, also for scenographic lighting concepts in colour, characterised by perfect quality of light and the high visual comfort of museum spotlights.

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